National Specialty for the Papillon Club of America

in Orlando, Florida  -  Genetic 2003 meeting

May 2003

By : Leona Domino ( chair )


The 50th National Specialty for the Papillon Club of America was held in Orlando, Florida at the Renaissance 

Worldgate Hotel.  Activities were arranged to accommodate obedience, agility, conformation and multiple 

educational seminars.


The Genetic Research Committee was honored to have Pia Johansen from Denmark speak on Basic Genetics. 

It was well attended by approximately 100 people and beautifully presented.  In the past years we have had 

the privilege of having subjects :  Liver Shunts by Dr. Tobias, Research on PRA by Dr. Petersen-Jones,

and Chagus Disease by Karen Turner.  Next year a presentation will be planned on a different subject 

of interest to Papillon lovers.  


To summarize what the Genetic Research committee has done and is planning, we joined Michigan State’s research

with Dr. Petersen-Jones searching for the markers to identify Progressive Retinal Atrophy in the Papillon. 2000 

to 2002   Grant No. 2031:“ Investigation of Candidate Loci for Progressive Retinal Atrophy ”

This was initially a 2-year project and our share of the research was $ 22,211.00.


We have continued with this study 2002-2004 and our portion of the study is costing $ 14,750.  

The reason the cost is less is due to the fact that other breed clubs have joined the study. Old English Sheepdog,

Collie Club, Tibetan Terrier, Belgian Sheepdog and Belgian Tervuren Clubs have joined our research.


Our Canine Health Fund (CHF) balance at the beginning of May 2003 is $ 37,364.20.  This money is reserved for

research and draws interest in our account.


The most recent 2002 survey was successful with nearly 700 responders to health queries. You can see the results 

of 2000 and 2002 here : HEALTH SURVEY  We are interested in pursuing other research projects and when relevant

research meets the criteria for funding the Papillon Club of American will be anxious to explore more areas of health