At year's end the financial rebates will be calculated. 

In 2002 Purina gave $ 250.00 to PCA 

and $ 250.00 was credited to Canine Health Fund for Research



There were 62 National Parent Breed Clubs registered in the 2002 program 

with earnings of $ 84,000. 

There are currently 82 National Parent Breed clubs registered in the 2003 program

and annual earnings are being forecasted at $ 150,000.



Partnering with Purina in this exciting new program provides an effective way to raise money for canine health

studies; so more resources can be focused on the most important health issues facing dogs today.


The Purina Parent Club Partnership Program (PPCP) is an alliance between Nestle-Purina and the AKC recognized

National Parent Breed Club to help promote canine health and well-being. Purina's goal is to provide financial support

to Parent Breed Clubs for research to help improve the quality of life for dogs, and ultimately their owners.


The National Parent Breed Club (Papillon Club of America) can earn money based on their members' activity  in the

Purina Pro Club Program. Purina Pro Club is a loyalty program. 


Pro Club members save up the weight circles from their Purina dog food bags and send them in to Purina for rewards

and rebate checks good toward future dog food purchases. Now, in addition, Pro Club members who are also members

of one of the AKC recognized National Parent Breed Clubs (in our case, PCA), can also earn dollars for our club to 

be used for genetic research. 


By participating in PPCP, PCA can get $10.00 for every $100 worth of weight circles earned by Pro Club members. 

On top of that, every $10.00 will be matched by the Canine Health Foundation. So every $10 earned becomes $20 !


NOTE: each Pro Club member can earn PPCP dollars for only one breed club. Those of you with more than one club

affiliation will need to determine which breed club will benefit. Again, note that you will still be able to earn your 

own points for your own personal use.


If you are not a member of the Purina Pro Club, you can apply. To join, you must either breed a litter per year or 

own 5 or more dogs and live in the US. 

To enroll, you may call Purina at 1-877-776-2582, (  7 am. to 5 pm. CT, Monday-Friday )


When calling you must let the agent know that you are prospective new member wanting to join Pro Club as part 

of the PPCP program. You will be asked what breed club you represent along with some qualifying questions

relating to the number and breeds of dogs owned, number of breeding females, average numbers of puppies produced

per year, etc.  The process should take less than 10 minutes.


Within 3 weeks, you will receive a Pro Club membership kit detailing all their information about their program. 

For complete Pro Club Terms and Conditions. go online at :


Purina checks will be presented to the National Parent Breed Clubs on February 15th, 2004.


Please consider joining the Purina Pro Club if you are already feeding Purina dog foods 

and start saving those weight circles now !