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Do you own a PRA affected Papillon, 

or do you know someone that does ? 
If you do, Dr Simon Peterson-Jones and his research team need your help.


They cannot complete their goal of developing a breed specific test for PRA

in Papillons without an adequate number of quality samples (blood). 

The more samples they have, the faster their research will progress.

Papillon owners everywhere (in the world) are needed to submit samples 

so that this valuable PRA research can continue. ( Papillon owners have 

not submitted any new blood samples since 2002 )


What do they need ?

#   DNA samples ( blood is preferred ) from affected dogs and their

     relatives, accompanied by complete pedigrees

#   Reestablish communication from people that have previously submitted

     DNA samples from their dogs to obtain updates on any changes 

     in vision status. 


All information will remain CONFIDENTIAL

To obtain submission forms and blood sample kits, 

please contact :


Dr. Simon Peterson-Jones 


Phone : 1-517-353-3278

e-mail : 


Their current website is :
Construction is also underway for a new website where information on this and our other research projects can be found along with downloadable submission forms and instructions.


Dr. Simon Peterson-Jones and his team appreciate all the contributions

everyone has made to support them and participate in their efforts to

eradicate PRA.
The Papillon Club of America appreciates the efforts of Papillon owners

everywhere in supporting this research. 


Andi Meloon

PCA Health and Genetics Chair


E-mail :

Phone : 602-320-2232